People Being Sought


These are people for whom we have not been able to find contact information. If you know them or of them use the contact form at the bottom of this page to help us with this information. If you see a Found next to a name it means there is some mention of that person’s existence/whereabouts somewhere on this site. Use the search function at the top of the page to find all mentions of a particular person.

Adkins, Don E (early 70s)

Aguilar, Luis (80s)

Akins, Anthony (89-91)

Allen, Walter (late 60s)

Alles, Doresa (93-95) Found

Anderson, Ronald W. (Cmdr 50th)

Anderson, “Eagle Eye” (late 60s)

Anderson, Howard (late 70s)

Antle, Dana J. (mid 70s)

Apala, Robert (early 70s)

Asbell, Robert Found

Avant, Ron (late 60s)

Bagley, William A. (mid 70s)

Ballachino, Phil (82-86) Found

Bankston, Don (early 70s)

Barringer, Richard W (1967)

Belanger, Mike (mid 70s)

Bethea, Ronald L. (early 70s)

Beverly, James (87-94)

Bilbo, Terry L. (mid 70s)

Bolls, Richard W. (mid 70s)

Bond, Parker L. (Cmdr, mid 70s)

Booth, Jack (late 60s)

Bouchard, Ronald F (late 60s)

Bori, Jill (90-92)

Bowles, Don (late 60s)

Bradley, Louis E. (mid 70s)

Brandt, Dale W. (mid 70s)

Brown, Darrell (74-77)

Brown Jr., Harvey (87-91)

Brown, Jennifer (91-94)

Brown, Joe (mid 70s)

Brown, Robert (late 80s)

Brown, Roxann (80s)

Brunken, Jimmy (late 60s)

Bryant, Doug (late 60s)

Buck, Robert E. (Cmdr. 7236th)

Burdick, Douglas (early 70s)

Buttner, Edward G. (Cmdr. 50th)

Calhoun (late 60s)

Calvin, Walter (late 60s) (Found, deceased 1990s)

Campbell, Samuel (motor pool, early 70s)

Carothers, Richard (late 60s)

Carter, (Cmdr 3139th)

Chipps, James (late 60s)

Clark, Allan (81-84)

Clow, Lawrence (78-80)

Cole, Michael (mid 70s)

Coleman, Rich (late 60s)

Collins, Scott (86-88)

Compton, Dewey (mid 70s)

Conger, Richard (late 60s)

Cook, Robert (mid 70s)

Cooker, Ernest “Ernie” (mid 70s)

Creedon, Patrick J (early 80s)

Croy, Dennis (Bubba) (late 60s)

Curtis, Mike (91-95)

Cunningham, Donald M. (mid 70s)

Dallas, Alan (88-90)

Dark, Robert (Bobby) (late 60s) FOUND living in Oxford,  Alabama, July 2011

Davidson, Wes (late 60s)

Davis, Donald C (Cmdr 50th)

Davis, Dorian A (early 80s)

Davis, Kermit (79-83)

Delaney, Richard (mid 70s)

Dean, Bobby E (mid 80s)

DeCosier, John (mid 70s)

Deline, Paul (80-83)

Dellaripa, Nicholas (75-78)

Delray Nicholas “Nick” ,  Lives in St Louis area, June 2011

Dennison, Rodney, 80-84

DeSorbo, Zeke(late 60s)  (cross trained to the medical field, retired as a CMSgt) Found

Dimeo, Fred M. (early 70s)

D’iorio, Charlie (early 70s)

Dodwell, Brian (90-92)

Dotts, James E. (Cmdr 50th) Found

Dorfman, Theodore (89-90)

Draughn, Tex (late 60s)

Drew, David T (early 80s) Found living in the Charlotte, N.C. March 2011

Driskell, Thomas (88-90)

Dunn, Daniel (91-94)

Dunn, Steven (93-95)

Dunn, Terry (late 60s)

Dyer, Ron (93-94)

Eazol, George (late 60s)

Edwards, Ryan (93-95)

Edwards, Stanley E. (early 70s)

England, Steve (mid 70s) Alive and well, Nov 2013

England, William (early 70s)

Esquibel, John P. (early 70s)

Fasion, James (mid 70s)

Fennell, Alice A. (mid 70s)

Ferguson, Kendall B (mid 80s)

Ferrell, Eric (93-96)

Fisher, Tommy / Theresa (91-95)

Flannigan, Ron (late 60s)

Flannigan, Sean (90-92)

Fletcher, Carey (80s)

Flint, Chris Found

Fowler, Robert B. (mid 70s)

Frakes, Leland R. (mid 70s)

Frazier, Walter (late 60s)

Fry, Don (mid 70s)

Funk, Bill (late 60s)

Gary, Walter P. (early 70s)

Gentile, Anthony (92-94)

Gordon, Fred H (80s)

Gossett, Edward L. (mid 70s)

Gowing, Tom (early 70s) Found Mesa, Az  Oct. 2011

Grande, Mike (86-90)

Graham, Daniel J. (mid 70s)

Graham, Frank (mid 70s)

Gray, Walter (early 70’s)

Greenwood, Donald (early 80s) Found,  Florida May 2012

Gregory, (Cmdr. 7236th)

Grimm, Chuck (68-71)

Gronberg, Dale N. (early 70s)

Grooms, Manly O (late 60s)

Gumz, James A (80s)

Gunn, Bill (68-71) Found (Arkasas) October 2014.\

Gutowski, Steve (late 60s)

Haas, Joe (84-87) Found

Haase, Terry (80s)

Hale, Ronald C (mid 70s)

Hall, (Cmdr. 7236th)

Hammond, Rich (late 60s)

Hannon, Glen (late 60s)

Hanson, (early 70s)

Harris, Albert (early 90s)

Harris, Gina (93-95)

Harris, Ron (90-93)

Harry, John (late 60s)

Hartford, Richard A (1987)

Herman, Gerald W. (early 70s)

Hershey, Mike (early 90s) Found splits time between So. Cal and Gonzerath, May 2011

Hickey, Anthony (80-96)

Hicks, Larry F (late 60s)

Hillman, Thomas D. (early 70s)

Hinsz, Calvin (late 60s)

Holden, Richard T. (mid 70s)

Host, Clarence A (1985)

Houldieson, Brad (80-84)

Hummel, Ronald J (1987) Found

Humphries, Harrison (mid 70s)

Hurd, Vernard (late 60s)

Jacobson, Eric V (1983)

Jarvis, Christopher (90-92)

Jascot, Doug (mid 70s)

Jalinck, C J (late 60s)

Jenkins, Kenneth (78-81)

Jenkins III, Noble (93-95)

Johnson, George E. (Cmdr mid 70s)

Johnson, Greg (late 60s)

Johnson, Isreal (mid 70s)

Johnson, Jimmie (late 50s)

Johnson, Kenny (mid 70s)

Johnson, Linda (91-93)

Johnson, Mary (mid 70s)

Johnson, Ronald (76-83)

Jolivette, Clarence (67-70) Found living in Las Vegas. Nov. 2011

Jolley, Gary (late 60s)

Lovelady, MS (mid 70s)

Kaim, James (86-90)

Kanady, Thomas N. (mid 70s)

Katz, Milton (late 60s)

Kelley, John (93-94)

Keys, Wally (early 90s)

Kidwell, Daniel (mid 70s) believed deceased

Kidwell, Douglas (92-95)

Kirk, Dave (late 60s)

Kirk, John P. (mid 70s)

Kirkland, Scott (93-95)

Kirshner, (mid 70s)

Knox, James P. (Cmdr. late 60s)

Kopotic, Gerard (75-77)

Kovacs, Danell (94-96)

Ladd, Allen, (8-82) Found, Living in Philly area April 2011

Laflam, Larry D. (early 70s)

Lanoue, Duane P. (early 70s)

Lantz, Ronald R. (early 70s) Found, living in Mineral Wells, WV, June 2014

Lawton, Vicki L (1986)

Lee, Darrel T. (early 70s)

Lewis, Edwin R. (Cmdr mid 70s)

Lewis, Steve (91-93)

Lochmond, Jim (late 60s)

Lorch, Charles (84-89)

Louis, Mickey L (1985)

Love, Sandra (early 90s)

Lutz, Jack (early 70s)

Majerus, Bob (late 60s)

Mann, (1st Sgt, early 70s)

Mann, Ernie (late 60s)

Mappin, Thomas (79-84) Found  March 2011- in Pittsburgh, Pa

Marino, Tommy (late 60s)

Martin, Ken (87-91)

Martin, Terry L (1987)

Mascio, (Cmdr. 3139th)

Mason, Rodney (91-93)

Mason, Wood A. (early 70s)

Massaro, Vincent J (80s)

Mathias, Ken (late 60s)

Mayfield, Michael (92-93)

Mayo, Stephen L. (mid 70s)

McCabe, Amy (91-94) Found, living I Pa. reported May 2011

Mcann, James D, Jr (1985)

McClintock, James (65-66)

McCoy, Tina (93-95)

McGowan, Danny (mid 70s)

McKay, John J. JR. (early 70s)

McKeon, Jason (Mahoney)(1993-Close)  Found November 2014

Medlin, Larue (79-83)

Merrell, Dwight K (1983)

Messenger, Tracy (90-92)

Messerschmidt, Dave Found Living in the Eglin/Hurlburt area, Mar 2011

Meyer, Glenn (late 60s) Found Living in east Texas

Meyer, Kent (early 70s)

Michel, John (late 60s)

Miller, Ralph (early 70s)

Miller, Terry V (mid 70s)

Mitchell, James R. (mid 70s)

Moore, R. E. (early 70s)

Moreland, George (late 60s)

Morin, Brenda (90-94)

Mossbacher, John (94-95)

Mount, Cindy (mid 70s)

Mount, Robert E. (mid 70s)

Muck, Chris (there for the close) Found January 2015

Munley, Judyanne L. (Cmdr. 50th)

Murray, Steve (91-95)

Musgrove, Bert (76-78)

Neil, Brian P. (early 70s)

Nero, Michael (93-95)

Nichols, Delray (81-87) Found

Noll, Michael (80-82)

Nunand, Tom (early 70s)

Nye, David (late 60s)

Nylander, Keith (mid 70s)

O’Connor, Gerald (late 60s)

Ogle, David (78-81)

Ohrenberger, Timothy (91-95)

Oliphant, Willie (mid 70s)

Olivette (late 60s)

Osimitz, (mid 70s)

Otto, Darryl (late 70s)

Owen, John R. (early 70s)

Owen, WT “White Tornado” (late 60s)

Pabst, William A (1967)

Palmateer, Michael (mid 70s)

Pankow, Robert E. (mid 70s)

Parker, John (late 60s)

Parks, Charles L. (early 70s)

Paul, Dennis (mid 70s)

Pepin, Lester T (1981) Found

Percel, David R. (Cmdr 617th) Found

Perry, Bill (late 60s)

Petty, Wylie (late 60s)

Phillips, Jimmy (mid 70s)

Phillips, Richard (90-95)

Pitts, Gerald D. (early 70s)

Prah, Robert (1st Sgt, mid 70’s)

Prather, Joe (late 60’s)

Prepula (late 60s)

Price, Paul (80s)

Pugh, Richard (mid 70s)

Pugh, Robert P. (mid 70s)

Queen, Paul (mid 70s)

Quesnell, Travis (88/89-91)

Quinn, Michael J (80s)

Ramos, Jeffery (90-92)

Rayhart, Gene Found living in New Mexico, April, 2012

Redman, (Cmdr. 3139th)

Reese, Jeffrey (89-91)

Rexin, Richard (91-93)

Rhea, Todd (85-88)

Rhodes, Roger E. “Dusty” (early 70s)

Riselay, Maurice D. (early 70s)

Ritter, (Cmdr, 3139th)

Roan, Bryan (88-90) Found High Point, NC  September 2011

Roberts, Greg (89-92)

Robinson, Frank (65-68)

Rose, Steven J (1983)

Ross, James A. (mid 70s)

Russell, (Cmdr. 3139th)

Sagraves, Woodrow H (1967)

Sailors, Gunar (93-95)

Sand, Robert (86-93)

Sanislo, Andrew (mid 70s)

Savage, Ronald D, Jr (1983)

Schwab, Walter C (1984)

Sears Arnold J. (mid 70s)

Sears Jack (mid 70s)

Sells, Dennis (mid 70s)

Seifert, Lenny T (1983)

Sellers, John W. (motor pool, early 70s) reported in Salt Lake City, June 2014 

Setliff, Tony (80s)

Settles, Cindy (91-94)

Shivley, Jon Found

Sizemore, Joseph E. (mid 70s)

Smith, Daniel (85-93)

Smith, Harold (92-95)

Smith, James A. Found

Smith, John B. (mid 70s)

Smith, Lavern (83-03)

Snedeker, Gerald A. (mid 70s)

David Snook (Mid 70s) Found, living in the Panama City, Fl area (thanks Ernie Kirby)

Snyder, Randy (83-87)

Snyder, Steven (82-03)

Souther, Terry (late 60s)

Stadinski, Wayne (late 60s)

Stanke, Bruce C (1967)

Stanley, Joseph R. (early 70s)

Stinson, Thomas A (80s)

Stokes, Bob (early 70s)

Stout, Randy A. (mid 70s)

Sudduth, Ray (early 70s)

Susenbach, Mark (93-95)

Sutton, Roy (late 60s)

Sweatt, Jeff (88-92)

Tajiri, Daniel T, (74-77)

Talsma (1st Sgt, late 60s) Found, deceased Thanksgiving Day 2010, Dothan, Al.

Tedrick, Kathy (87-90)

Thomas, Sylvester (mid 70s)

Thompson, Sid (92-94)

Tooker, Greg (80s)

Toloso, Mike (mid 70s)

Trapp, Chaun (early 90s)

Trudell, Jeff (75-77, 79-81)

Troyer, Larry L (80s)

Turner, Alan (late 60s)

Ulrich, Larry J (80s)

Urban, George (mid 70s)

Umsted, Jeff (late 60s)

Upchurch, David A. (early 70s)

Valentine, James (82-84)

Vollmar, Donald L. (early 70s)

Voss, Lewis (late 60s)

Vuckel, Robert J (1987)

Wachob, Ronald (74-77)

Warhall, Larry (79-83)

Warner, Larry (early 70s)

Washington, Mary L. (mid 70s)

Waterhouse, Jay (late 60s)

White, Wesley (mid 70s)

White, Thomas (mid 70s)

Whitfield, Lew (late 60s)

Willette, John W. (early 70s)

Williams, Bruce (late 60s)

Wilson, James T (1982)

Wirtz, John (mid 70s)

Wissel, Craig (mid 70s)

Woodruff, Lee (91-95)

Wyatt, Phillip (81-84)

Wyatt, Tom (1st Sgt, early 70s)

Young, Dewey A., Jr. (mid 70s)


121 Responses to People Being Sought

  1. Tom Mappin says:

    I’m alive and well back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I was 50th ASUPS from 79-84.

    • richmc461 says:

      Thanks for your post to the web site. If you have any pictures, stories or anything at all about Morbach please share them with us all.

      • Steve England says:

        Do you remember me? I was looking at Google maps to find the bomb dump and found the company that moved in to our old ammo dump. Somehow I found this Morbach web site. What a nice surprise.
        I do not know if I can find the pictures I took during the four years I was there. 1975 – 1979.
        I remember you had some kids. ( 2 or 3 )
        I married in 1981 and have 3 kids of my own. I have 5 grandchildren so far and still working on more. Married for 32 years to Diana England.
        Hope to hear from you.

  2. David Messerschmidt says:

    50th ASUPS 77-80 Retired and Living in Sunny Florida close by Eglin and Hulburt AFB.. Lovin Life. I have pictures but will have to dig them out and scan them….. and OHHH the stories!! IYAAYAS!!!

    • richmc461 says:

      Oh yeah, look forward to the war stories. Thanks for getting in touch look forward to any pictures or stories you want to share. Thanks.

    • Mike Wyatt says:

      I was in maintenance from ’77-’80. Now retired living outside Nashville, TN.

  3. David T Drew says:

    present and accounted for, 50th ASUPS 1981-1985. Currently living in Charlotte NC


      Hello David!
      Did you knwo Sgt Bruce Lee Bardin in 1985 – Sugny-Morbach?

      Thank you,
      Caroline Mardens
      ( or on the AMMO Morbach group on FACEBOOK.

    • Don Greenwood says:

      Dave Drew-Don Greenwood here! Still married to Paula and living in Florida the last 10 years. How is life treating you? What do you do now? Did you do the full 20 in the USAF?

    • Jeffrey L Sternitzky says:

      Drew. Did u maried linda. You were in storage right?

      • steven snyder says:

        We are all looking for you on Facebook. Where are you living?

        Steve snyder

      • Jeff Sternitzky says:

        Hello Steve. Last time I saw you was at George AFB.
        Im sorry but do not have facebook.

  4. Allen Ladd says:

    I’m still kickin’ (Morbach 78-82). Living in the Philly area now

  5. Peter Thomas says:

    Amy McCabe – is married and living in PA
    Mike Hershey – splits his time in Gonzerath and southern California

  6. glenn meyer says:

    Alive and well and still kickin. Morbach 67-70, then on to Bien Hoa, RVN. Greetings to all. Retired and living in eastern Tx.

  7. Delray Nichols "Nick" says:

    I’m here in the St. Louis area, ASUPS 1981-1987. Interesting to see all the names again.

    • Jon M. Shively Jr. says:

      Hello, Sgt. Nichols , how have you been ? The last I can remember of you, was that terrible auto accident at the bottom of the hill.


      hi “Nick”!

      Did you knwo Sgt Bruce Lee Bardin in 1985 – Sugny-Morbach?

      Thank you,
      Caroline Mardens
      ( or on the AMMO Morbach group on FACEBOOK.

  8. Randal Willi says:

    Check out the AMMO Morbach on Facebook

  9. rdark says:

    Looking at the above list, I see an “Alvin Dark” listed in the late 60’s. I don’t know of an “Alvin”, but I do know that Robert “Bobby” Dark was there from 68-71. That would be ME. I’m alive and kicking in Oxford, Alabama.

    Rich, you might want to add a few names: Dennis (Bub) Croy (late 60’s) and Walter D. Calvin (late 60’s) and David Nye (late 60’s). There was also William “Zeke” DeSorbo (I understand that Zeke is living in Texas and working at a hospital.


    • Ron Lantz says:

      Hey Bobby!! Do you remember a guy named Ron Lantz?? I am now retired and living in Mineral Wells WV. I was there in the early 70’s and lived in the same village you did. Think it was called Hoxel. We used to go (Stompin) in the snowy fields in our VW’s there. I also remember Zeke and his fooseball. He sure was good at it.

      Rich, I’m pretty sure John Sellers, from the motor pool, is in Salt Lake City if that helps. Sure enjoyed browsing the site. Seen a lot of names on here I remember. If anyone wants to contact me my email address is

      • Ron, you old dawg. Sure I remember you. I will never forget the time June dumped ice cream on your head for telling me the story about you and her dad shoveling snow from the driveway.

  10. Les Pepin says:

    The Morbach Facebook page has lots of the folks you are looking for.
    Les Pepin 79-81

  11. Bryan Roan says:

    Bryan Roan 88-90
    High Point, NC
    Just found the Facebook page

  12. Hi! This is Tom Gowing (Munch) 1971-1973. Retired in 1990, now living in Mesa Az. Loved the days of good beer and great freinds.

  13. bach Ammo in September 1967 with my family. My sponsor was SSgt McFeeters, I was temporily quaetered at the Maria Rahn fir the first few weeks until my quarters were ready on base, I was assigned to Shipping and receiving working for a SSgt Sams, Unknown to me at the time. mt arrival was not entirely welcomed by everyone. I was assigned base quarters upon my arrival, which was great for me, but… The quar0ters I was assigned was previously assigne to a SMSGT Caruthers, who was bumped to give me the quarters. I understand that he was waiting 18 months for that house. That did not go over so well, and to top it off, I was later assigned to Munitionas Control, a section he was charged with, I must admit he was a good sport about it and a very fair boss. I had the privilidge to serve with him later on in my career. Morbach was a veery memorible tour, I had the honor of working with very dedicated professionals. After Mirbach, I went on to complete a 23+ year career, I retired from the Air Force in June 1984. I persued a career in Computers and Electronics, I retired from Computer Sciences Corp as a Senior Field Engineer in 2009. I presently reside in Las Vegas, NV. I plan on providing Photos and more stories about Morbach.

  14. robert asbell says:

    hello robert g asbell morbach 77-80 50th mms have some old pictures would love to hear from the crews

  15. richard mckinley says:

    i have been looking for jimmie johnson (late 50’s) also with no luck he was my sgt. at morbach, we were transfered from nuebeberg air base munich to hahn in the fall of 56 to open the ammo dump at morbach, then it was the 7372nd det.1 ammo supply sq. later changed to the 3139th ammo supply sq. our c.o. at the time was CWO-3 charles alan after he left it was 2 lt. mccormick we were housed at hahn, i still have a copy of our orders to go to hahn when we got there they didn’t even have bunks for us so we had a empty room and slept on the floor

  16. chris flint says:

    wow….. i just saw what morbach bomb “dump” has become, it took me by suprise. i was there in 1992 and had alot of good times.

  17. Gene Rayhart says:

    I was at 50th ASUPS 1979-1981….Living in New Mexico now.

  18. Jim Dotts says:

    Being Commander of the ASUPS was a great experience. I had good people working with me, both German Civilian and Military. My wife and I both enjoyed our stay at Hahn and in Germany. Our children learned to speak German and to enjoy a different way of life – something that has stayed with them and helped them in later life.

    After we left Morbach I was assigned to AFOTEC at Kirtland AFB and retired from there. After retirement from the AF I worked for Sandia National Laboratory for thirteen years and for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for an additional fourteen years.

    Donna and I are now retire and living in Manhattan, Kansas.

    • richmc461 says:

      Congrats on what sounds like a successful working career. Thanks for sharing with us. We spent a week in Manhattan, Kansas one Sunday afternoon (to borrow from W.C. Fields.) Actually the reservoir was a nice break from Kansas in general. Just so happened the wheel bearing on our car went out there on a trip out to Colorado.

  19. James A. Smith says:

    I arrived at Morbach in July 1966 as an A3C as a redirect from St Mihel France (Operation Freloc). I left in 1968 for RAF Sculthorpe. I returned in ’82 (Third European tour) and left again in ’85. I was assigned to Sugny while it was still under German control (Had to wear civies). I retired in 1990 and retired again in 2009 as a network engineer for the local hospital here in South Carolina. Morbach was still my best assignment but my three years in a 12 man detachment at CFB Lahr (Canadian Base in Black Forest) is a strong second).


      Hello James A. Smith!

      Could you tell me if you knew/met Sgt. Bruce Lee Bardin in 1985 – Sugny-Morbach?

      It was my first boyfriend and since 3 weeks ago I know and saw his grave, then that he died on May the 10 in 1991. (the day of my birthday!)

      Thank you,

      Caroline Mardens
      ( or on the AMMO Morbach group on FACEBOOK

  20. says:

    Sgt. Ronald J Hummel, 84-87, Maint & Plans and Programs, I’m doin’ well. Back in Pa. You can find me on facebook (Ron Hummel)


      Hello Ron!

      I have already answers you via a private message on you FB profile.


      Caroline Mardens (

    • Bobby Dean,MSgt (Ret) says:

      Bobby Dean – Just ran across this sight and found your post. It has been a long time. Darlene & I are doing well. We live in Athens, Georgia and have both retired. Just talked to Terry Hasse today. All is well with him & Jom.

      • Daniel (Smitty) Smith says:

        Hey Bobby, Smitty here. Been a real long time. Not sure if you remember me but I worked in Plans & Programs with you and Joe Foley. Elizabeth and I moved into your house in Gonzerath when you left. I also remember Terry Hasse well. Some greay memories from 1985 – 1993. Sure do miss the Hunsruk and all the guys and gals. Good to hear all is well with you and Darlene. Elizabeth and I are here in Tucson, AZ and doing well too – take care Smitty (IYAAYAS)

      • Jeffrey L Sternitzky says:

        Hey nick. This is jeff. I think the last time i saw u was at moody afb. I was going to clark ab pi. What a kick ass base the pu was but i have missex morbach too

  21. James A. Smith says:


    I don’t remember Bruce. I probably met him as we were there at the same time.


  22. Don Greenwood says:

    Don Greenwood-Morbach Ammo (50th ASUPS) 1984-86.

  23. Joe Haas says:

    Hello All,
    Donald (Joe) Haas, 50th MMST, 1984-1987, Missile Shop. I spent three years at Morbach and less than a year in England AFB, LA. Living in Cincinnati, Ohio, married and with four boys.

  24. Dave Perzel says:

    Greetings Everyone,

    Dave Perzel (Lt. Col Ret.) here. I was the 617th MS commander, the last Morbach commander, and I just wanted to pass on my best wishes to all of the Morbach Ammo alumni. My wife, Annette, and I are now living in Rosemount, Minnesota. We still often think about the great people of the squadron and the local Morbach community that we had the honor and pleasure of knowing. Glad to see there is a website for the Morbach Ammo community.


  25. Doresa Alles, (93-95)
    Didn’t realize I was being sought. ;). Married. Living in IA

  26. Amy McCabe says:

    Anyone searching for me can find me in NC. A lot of names on here I recognize but a lot I don’t either 😦

    • Daniel (Smitty) Smith says:

      Hey Amy, Hope all is going well with you. Elizabeth and me were talking about our eight years in Germany/Morbach and your name came up in the conversation. We had a great Ship/Rec crew. Smitty

  27. Glenn Meyer says:

    Was stationed at Morbach from 67 to 70. Spent 1971 at Bien Hoa, Viet Nam, then cross-trained into Crash (fire)trucks. Got out in 73. Worked in the mid east on airports for 5 years. Now residing in East Texas.

  28. Lisa Humphries says:

    Harrison Humphries is my father. I will let him know about this site!

  29. Ryan Edwards says:

    Ryan Edwards here.
    Morbach 93-95
    Currently working at Edwards AFB in the bomb dump as a civilian.

  30. LaRue Medlin says:

    LaRue “DOC” Medlin. Apr 79 – Apr 83… Retired and living in Sumter SC. Owner of Carolina Lock & Key… Having to work for a living…

  31. Shawn Wentz says:

    My name is Shawn Wentz and I am the stepson in-law of James C. Chipps. I believe this is the same James Chipps that is on your list above. Unfortunately James passed away on 07/28/2013. He had a license plate on the front of his old Ford pickup that read IYAAYAS and I remember asking him what it meant. He was very proud to have served in the U.S. Air Force and was fond of the time he spent working in AMMO. I remember lots of bomb dump stories. He never had any kids of his own but has a stepson “Daniel Lacanne” 2 grand kids “Alexis and Brandon LaCanne”, a stepdaughter “Patty Wentz” and a stepson in law “Shawn Wentz”. Also several other siblings that I unfortunately don’t have any information on. He was a good man and will be missed.

  32. Robert (Bob )Lee Twyman says:

    I was at Morbach Ammo Sq from Dec 1968-Aug 1971. I worked in admin with Mark Steinhauser. Capt William D B Sweezey was my OIC.

  33. Ken Martin says:

    Yo! I’m in Grand Rapids, MI.

  34. i see you have Jimmy Johnson name spelled wrong it should be Jimmie Johnson

  35. Danny McGowan says:

    I live in Loxahatchee Fl. ahd work in Boynton Beach, Fl at Florida Power & Light Co. Been there for 34 years doing the same thing I did in Morbach. Kind of pissed that I didn’t stay in. Would’ve been retired years ago.

  36. Allen says:

    Danny, I you want to catch up with any of the old gang there’s a couple hundred on Facebook. Look for a group called AMMO Morbach.

  37. chuckbchuck says:

    My name is Chuck Cherryholmes I was stationed at Morbach from 1973 to 1976. In the photo of 50th Ammo from 1974 I am sitting on the ground just behind the nose of the Ammo bomb.

  38. BILL GUNN says:


  39. tj jensen says:

    Theron “TJ” Jensen 79-82

  40. I thought that I posted this earlier. Will try again………. We lost Walter D. Calvin in the 90’s. I found his obit in the Birmingham News. If I can find a copy, I will post it here.

  41. Chris muck says:

    helped close morbach would like some info or if anybody could put pics of memory book that was made

    • richmc461 says:

      Chris, of you have pictures or a copy of the memory book I’d be happy to put them online. Of course, all original material would be returned to you.

      • MARDENS C. says:

        Hey Richard J,

        If I well understood, there is a memory book of Morbach, somewhere? How could I see it?
        Thank you,


      • richmc461 says:

        Caroline, first mention of a memory book was Chris’s mention of it above. I have not seen one. If I get access to it I would like to share it here. Hope that happens,

    • Ryan says:

      Chris, been trying to find you since we closed Morbach back in ’95. I’m currently working at Edwards AFB as a civilian. Would love to catch up with you sometime. I might have some pics of us TDY closing some of the COB’s that we had.

    • MARDENS C. says:

      Chris, Caroline Mardens here from Belgium, Good idea ! I would like too the same as you.

      Nice end of week,

  42. Ron Lantz says:

    Hey Bobby Got your email the other day. Not sure how to reply directly to you. When I hit reply, it seems to come back to this site. How about sending me your email address so I can email you direct. Thanks Ron Lantz

  43. James A Smith says:

    It’s strange to hear comments about closing the COBs when we had worked so hard more than a decade earlier to open them. James A. Smith, SMSgt, USAF Retired (24 years RA) IYAAYAS!!!

    • richmc461 says:

      Too true. So many times we expended so much energy to make things happen only to have them not ever come to fruition. I remember during the Reagan administration we jumped through our butts to bring various cruise missile sites on line, think Wuescheim as one of them, only to have them negotiated away a year later in nuclear reduction talks. But in so many of those instances the teamwork and camaraderie were priceless. And, being able to send 18 -20 guys to Denmark for a month, what an incentive program that was. Great memories.

  44. Don Greenwood says:

    Hey Smitty, Don Greenwood here. I was one of the first Morbach Sideloader operators along with Dave Drew and Lenny Seifert back in ’85-’86. I think you helped us keep those crazy machines humming, right?

  45. James A Smith says:

    Don, I was the Maintenance Branch Superintendent and coordinated the Denmark COBs. When they decided to take over Sugny, I went over there sort of incognito (civies and POV) and lived in Bouillon. Major Maguire wrote my order so that I could return to Morbach every two weeks (weekend) without breaking my TDY pay. There was lots of fanfare from the brass when we officially took over but lots of problems like no way to pay the local nations and our fuel and electric bill. If I had not been able to speak German and French, we would have been cold and in the dark by ourselves. I wanted to extend but MPC denied my request and sent me to Cannon AFB to run a 9 man CMU. I retired soon after. I remember Dave getting his super secret assignment against his wishes. “Schmidtty”

  46. Daniel (Smitty) Smith says:

    Sugny was a blast and staying in Bouillon at the hotel Chateu du Fort was the best. We were treated like kings by Gil and his food was simply amazing. All totally I spent about 12 weeks in Sugny. Also loved going to Nordholtz, Alhorn and the other northern Germany COBS. From 89-91 I ran Ship/Rec and was also a Senior Customs Inspector. During Desert Shield and our out load of Morbach I ran the railhead. I met some of the best AMMO troops at Morbach and I miss them all.

    • MARDENS C. says:

      Hi Daniel (Smitty) !
      Are you on Facebook? From when to when have you been to Sugny and the hotel du Château Fortof Bouillon?

      Thanks a lot,
      Caroline Mardens

    • Jeff Reese says:

      I was part of the last crew to go to Sugny. LOVED it up there and Gil was fantastic! I still have the green log book that we used at the guard shack in Sugny. Man, the memories!

  47. Don Greenwood says:

    Gil was such a great host, I remember him having incredible full breakfasts for all of us at 4:30 AM before we left each day for Sugny. Him wearing his cowboy hat and singing country music even when he didn’t speak english tthat well! The Sugny and Denmark TDY’s were some of the most memorable times in my service. I was stateside after Morbach, stationed at Langley for the balance of my 4 years, then got out and joined the civilian world again. Been in the medical/ hospital supply chain / advanced logistics and enterprise executive sales world for since then. Settled into Orlando, FL where I am today. Never was able to track down many folks we worked with from the good ol’ Morbach days, but have a lot of good memories of Germany.

    • MARDENS C. says:

      Thank you Don, Caroline Mardens here, from Belgium.
      Did you met or meet Sgt Bruce Lee Bardin in Sugny and Bouillon (Hotel du Château Fort) in 1985? Are you also on FB?

      Thanks a lot!

  48. Daniel (Smitty) Smith says:

    Caroline, I am on Facebook, Bruce Lee Bardin does not ring a bell. I first went to Sugny in late 1985 – early 1986.

  49. MARDENS C. says:

    Smitty, Tkx for your response, then if I well understood you,you mean that Bruce Lee Bardin, does remind you of anything? I think he was in the shop with the Husband of Helen Fountain in Sugny.

  50. MARDENS C. says:

    And they are a lot of Daniel Smitty Smith on FB ! Please, helpme on that!
    Thanks Smitty !


  51. Luis Aguilar says:

    Luis Aguilar (Apr. 79 – Apr 82) Retired USAF and working for Uncle Sam in Miami, Florida. Just wondering if anyone has any information on Herman “Mudfoot” Knowles and Willis “Uncle Willy”.

    • Allen says:

      Louis, Last I heard Mudfoot was working at Fudpuckers Gator Beach in Destin, FL. Denise and Debbie Hamilton ran in to him there a couple of years ago.

  52. Louie says:

    Thanks for the info!

  53. Daniel (Smitty) Smith says:

    Daniel (Smitty) Smith – Morbach 1985-93. Now living in Tucson AZ feel free to e-mail me at IYAAYAS

  54. robert asbell says:

    Robert asbell morbach 77-80 live in orangevale ca. looking to hear from old 461’s wayne salidino andy guterize? tsg mike lanier from Florida

  55. richmc461 says:

    Greetings Robert, can I send you some water?
    How are you doing?

  56. Jeff Reese says:

    Jeff Reese 89-91
    Johnstown, PA
    Feel free to email me at I am also on Facebook as well.

  57. Daniel (Smitty) Smith says:

    Jeff, totally agree with your about the trips to Sugny, and all the other COBS in Northern Germany. Gil did treat us all like kings and the many games of UNO were just crazy wild. Would love to go back to Bouillon and visit. I was also on one of the last trips to Sugny. Matter of fact remember the Boars Head crest that was on the head shed. It’s hanging in my Garage. Everytime I look at it I just have to smile

    Daniel (Smitty) Smith
    Morbach 85-93
    Tucson, AZ

  58. Anthony Akins says:

    Alive and very well. Boise, Idaho.

  59. Linda Talsma-Gray says:

    CMSgt Charles J. Talsma, retired was my father. We were at Hahn 1966-1969. He worked at the Ammo Dump, he was the First Sgt. Sadly he passed on Thanksgiving day in 2010. His last assignment was as Base SGT Major at Pease AFB, NH. He retired in 1978 in Dothan, AL. All 4 of his children followed in his footsteps.

    • richmc461 says:

      If I remember correctly, your dad was the NCOIC of the Inspection Section. I worked in the same building but was assigned to the Maintenance Shop.

      • richmc461 says:

        This reply I thought was being posted to a post for Richard Caruthers. That aside, Charles Talsma was my First Sergeant on being assigned to Morbach Ammo. I knew first hand he had a good sense of humor.

  60. Steve Stevo Snyder says:

    hi guys. i’m now living in Boise ID. Anyone passing through can stop in and visit me. i was in Inspection from 82 to 86. “Gimmy an A”

  61. Don Greenwood says:

    Hey Steve-I remember my first weekend at Hahn and you losing a quarter-panel (in the fog on the autobahn) on your Scirocco on the way back from Frankfurt….and the trip with Uli and Paula to Amsterdam. Good times! My email is, shoot me a note sometime and let’s connect.

    Don Greenwood

    • Norman C Hunt says:

      Hi Don. I still have the picture of you, Rich King, myself and someone else whom I can’t recall off the top of my head. Boy were we young….. 🙂 We had just finished Sideloader qualification. I think there were two of the locals in it too.

  62. Daniel (Smitty) Smith says:

    Hey, Norm. Yeah, we were young and reckless back then. I was looking at some old photos from a few of out COB TDYs. Oh the memories. Hope all is well with you. My e-mail address is if you ever want yo drop me a line. Take care and hope you have a great X-mas and an even better New Year


  63. Bob knode says:

    Ronald Savage lives in Burgas Nc.

  64. Bob knode says:

    Ronald savage lives in Burgaw nc.

  65. Dorian Davis says:

    saw my name plus many more that I knew on this list

  66. robert asbell says:

    bob asbell morbach 77-80 Mr Davis you had just made SMSGT before I left does anyone remember mike lanier

  67. Jeffrey L Sternitzky says:

    Missed one
    Jeffrey Sternitzky 1982 june to dec 1984 worked in maint shop the became inspector with brad holdenson, greg elman jeff riley msgt hinkley, larry and more. Im looking for 50 asups patch???

  68. LaRue Medlin says:

    LaRue “Doc” Medlin… Retired, living in Sumter SC AMMO stuff at my website

  69. Jeffrey L Sternitzky says:

    Larue. From storage section correct?
    Is he still around? I worked in maintenance and the inspection. Brad and i came over to inspection about the same time.. if memory recall we had a capt called wilson or williams. A black guy or was he a Lt.
    Major pruite then maj mcguire, smsgt smith and chief hamelton.

  70. Mark S Fugina says:

    Fugina Mark S. (Fudge) 1989-1991

  71. Bobby Ramsey says:

    I’m not on you list but I was there and I’ve got the scars to prove it.

  72. Charles Larson says:

    Charles Larson. In Morbach from 1993 – 1995. Lives in Kansas City.

  73. Sue says:

    Richard Carothers is my father. He is alive and kicking in Sacramento, CA. Going home to visit in two weeks. I’ll look for pictures.

  74. Gerald William Herman says:

    Rick Delaney is on facebook . Lives in Warner Robbins Georgia.

  75. Gerald William Herman says:
  76. Gerald William Herman says:

    He is or was the National President of the Retired Enlisted Association

  77. Sue Callaway says:

    My father, Richard Carothers, is alive and doing well for 85. He lives in California.

    • richmc461 says:

      If I remember correctly, your dad was the NCOIC of the Inspection Section. I worked in the same building but was assigned to the Maintenance Shop.

      • Sue Callaway says:

        I was 7 when we were in Germany. I just
        know we lived on base in those four story
        buildings. We had a friend by the name of
        Randy Jordan, who worked with my Dad
        there. He had cancer at an early age and passed in Florida. We went to see him in his last days. He was a funny guy.

  78. Dalton L. Jolley says:

    Dalton L. Jolley, I was stations at Morbach from Jan 1968 – Nov 1969. 46150. Left there for Viet Nam. Any of the old group still around? I am also looking for information on any and all citations and awards fro Morbach from 1968 till 1969.

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